Archie's antics and the "tail" of the washing line thief!

Let me introduce you to a little black cat called, Archie!

Archie lives a few doors away from me and unfortunately regularly gets grumbled at by Nelson! (Maybe Nelson knows what he has been up to... )

In our neighbourhood group chat his owner Ellie recently alerted us of his antics!

I just had to meet this little rascal and cover his hilarious story... with some photography of course.

Ellie, Archie's owner said:

" I'm sorry to say our cat is a thief! He has regularly come home with socks, pants and tea towels but has now reached a new low - he has stolen Paddington Bear's jacket! "

Archie's ill-gotten gains are being returned to their owners...

...but who knows what he will come home with next.