Hello Brides & Grooms to be...

We certainly are facing strange and difficult times and I can only imagine the uncertainty some of you may be feeling. Unfortunately the threat of Covid-19 is now affecting weddings and parties... So I thought it best to release this post and let you know what processes I have in place for dealing with Covid-19 and your wedding photography booking. IF YOU NEED TO POSTPONE YOUR WEDDING

I have no intention on postponements right now, with my wedding season bookings starting in July I hope we will be ok by then, but should it come to it I will do everything in my power to facilitate moving your wedding booking to your new date. If you need to postpone, please do get in touch asap and we can look into re-booking your day. WHAT ABOUT YOUR BOOKING FEE

As per the wedding photography contract the booking fee is non-refundable. However, it can be transferred over to a new date and I will do everything possible to accommodate this. I do have to be strict with the booking fee as it does cover my time and expenses in the planning and lead up to your wedding day. Once I have your booking there are always phone calls, meetings and emails going on behind the scenes. There’s also the possibility that I may have turned down other bookings for the same day, so the booking fee does also act as a way to protect my income. If, however, you have taken out wedding insurance, please do get in touch with them. You may be able to claim the booking fee back that way in the event the wedding has to be cancelled completely. As I mentioned, in the first instance I am making every effort to re-schedule everyone’s wedding dates for when this horrible virus is finally at bay. WHAT HAPPENS IF I GET SICK OR AM SELF-ISOLATING?

Rest assured, even pre-virus, I had measures in place for this circumstance. I have connections and belong to networks full of other amazing wedding photographers. Should it come to it, I can reach out to for assistance and will do my utmost to ensure you get another great (and healthy!) photographer on your wedding day. They’ll work as an associate for me. They’ll turn up to shoot the wedding and then I will edit the images, so you’ll still get your photography package which is unique to SAY. This network has always worked amazingly for many photographers in the past. I myself have covered photographers who have been struck by unforeseen circumstances. It’s tried and tested, and we all help each other out when necessary. So please be reassured a plan is in place should I need to act upon it.


As a Bride to be myself, I've had to hold off wedding planning given the current climate and Covid-19 threat. So I can only appreciate first hand how you are feeling. If you have any concerns at all, or just want to have a chat, my phone line is always open and I am replying to all emails asap.

Stay safe.

Sarah - Director & Photographer

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