How it all got started


Giving it all up for love and taking that leap...

Back in 2015 I met my "other half", my fiancé Yomi, and within a few months he inspired me to pursue my dream.

The dream was about turning my passion into my work and becoming my own boss. One sunny Saturday morning he surprised me with a shopping trip to Apple where we purchased my Mac Book. It was the most extravagant and generous thing anyone had ever bought me and I thought to myself, I really have to make a go of it now!


I began my post graduate course and put many hours into my training. In 2016 I started working at a reputable family studio in Bath, and soon after SAY Photography UK was established.

While conjuring up a name for my photography business, I knew I wanted it to be a simple 2-3 letter acronym. Being the romantic that I am I also wanted Yomi to be subtly added to this equation.  I was playing around with words, then initials and thats when Sarah And Yomi appeared on my page!  So there you have it, SAY Photography UK was born.  SAY can also stand for Sarah And You, which is very much my ethos for the business. Wedding Photography in particular is very personal, so it is essential to have a good bond between you and your photographer.

The next chapter...

Christmas Day 2019 is a date I will never forget, my best friend and partner in everything proposed to me.

He is not the most romantic of men, so believe me when this came as quite a surprise!  


Love takes us on a journey that’s both challenging and magical, at times it pushes us to our absolute limits showing us what we’re made of. 

It's been the most incredible journey so far and we can't wait for the next chapter! 

Sarah & Yomi  xx

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